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The Mickleover Directory is a community magazine & directory of local businesses, and has been in publication since February 2006. The magazines are delivered free every month, by adults, to 8,500 homes and businesses in Mickleover. The purpose of the magazine is to promote businesses to the residents of Mickleover, as well as bring community news and information to the village.


The Mickleover Directory is truly local. There is strong evidence that truly local services are preferred by the majority of the UK population. As it has been in publication since February 2006 we can safely say, “People like it and use it. The magazine is widely read and used by the residents of the area. Just have a look at a selection of testimonials from residents of Mickleover & advertisers by clicking on the testimonials tab above. Most of our advertisers appear month after month – because the magazine works and generates business for them. People keep the magazine and use it for reference during the whole month”. According to research Newspapers have a lifespan of around 30 minutes, once they are read people throw them away, so for effective advertising in newspapers you need to advertise day after day which is very expensive!


Advertising in our directory is comparatively very, very cheap and it represents incredible value for businesses, such as yours, whose target market includes the residents of Mickleover. If you would like any more information, or you want to advertise please do not hesitate to call or email.Some of the key benefits of advertising with us are:


  • We are very low cost!

  • We are established. It has been in publication since February 2006!

  • No charge for artwork! Unless you would like to use it elsewhere.

  • We’ve lots of local news & information which is growing all the time.

  • It is delivered direct to 8,500 houses in Mickleover by Adults.

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